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United Way

The Jordan School District is excited to team with United Way to support students during this unique time. Volunteers will be doing outreach to help students be more engaged in school. We are currently piloting this program with Heartland and Oquirrh Elementary Schools. 

Each volunteer must complete the following in order to participate in this service opportunity:

  1. If you have not already done so, please sign up for this opportunity on United Ways website. After, return here and complete the remaining steps.
  2. Watch the video on student privacy found here
  3. Watch the Code of Conduct video and complete the Code of Conduct form found here
  4. Undergo a background check by completing the following steps
    1. Complete a Volunteer Form
    2. Have the form signed by the principal at the school at which you will be volunteering
    3. Sign up for an appointment to get fingerprinted here (Fingerprinting will be completed at the Jordan School District Main Office located at 7378 S Campus View Drive in West Jordan, Utah)
      1. Choose “JSD Volunteer”
      2. Pick an available date and time
      3. Enter your information
        1. Under the additional information put the school at which you will be volunteering and enter your position as “United Way Volunteer”
      4. Confirm your information and book the appointment

Once your background check is complete, you will be contacted to receive training. You will then be assigned students to support through this unique time. 

We appreciate your willingness to team with the Jordan School District and United Way. Together we will improve the lives of our students.