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Mission Statement
The mission of Language & Culture Services (LCS) is to provide culture and language support to schools, families, and communities of diverse backgrounds.

Jordan School District currently serves 5,548 students learning English, with 1,998 of those students being Newcomers (in their first 2 years in the U.S.). Our students represent 82 countries, speak over 58 languages, and bring a world of knowledge to our classrooms. -July 31, 2023 data

From the Board of Education

Nov. 2020 Board Letter
Text included on webpage. Signatures of board members at bottom of letter.
The Jordan Board of Education believes in the importance of every individual student growing and progressing while part of the Jordan School District. We recognize that the ability for each child to feel safe and included in their learning environment is a vital part of facilitating that growth and progression. We applaud the efforts of the Superintendent and his administration to ensure that every child feels safe and included in their schools. We specifically recognize the efforts of the Culture, Diversity, and Parent Outreach team to provide training and resources to assist our principals and teachers to create Culturally Relevant Environments.

Each member of the Board of Education had the opportunity to attend a training session and experience the training being offered on creating Culturally Relevant Environments. We as a Board endorse this training and encourage principals and teachers to seek out the Culture, Diversity, and Parent Outreach team for assistance and training. The Board is also interested in providing opportunities for our patrons and public to become familiar with the training as well. We will look for venues and distribution channels to allow for the public to participate in the training.

We are thankful for the countless efforts Jordan School District employees and students are making to ensure Jordan schools are safe and inclusive for all.

Jordan Board of Education
Nov. 2, 2020


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