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Our Youth in Custody (YIC) Check and Connect Mentors provide assistance for students attending a JSD school who have been placed in a foster care situation.

YIC Check and Connect Mentors work in a supportive and cooperative effort with classroom teachers and state case workers.  Mentors act as a liaison between the school, the case worker and the foster homes as well as any other agency that may be involved with the student.

Derek Winder 801-567-8328 YIC Specialist/Counselor
Gail Anne Bennett 801-567-8350 YIC Check & Connect Mentor
Julieta Yescas 801-567-8287 YIC Check & Connect Mentor
Jennifer Millgate 801-567-8327 YIC Check & Connect Mentor
Talimanu McBraun 801-567-8282 YIC Check & Connect Mentor