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Culture & Diversity

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Culture, Diversity, and Outreach Team

Working Together to Make Our Schools Culturally Relevant & Welcoming for Everyone

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Culturally Relevant Teaching Involves the Following Objectives:

  • Educational Language Services TeamUnderstanding and celebrating the value of human diversity because everyone has culture.
  • Offering, but not requiring trainings for all educators so that they can structure learning environments which are welcoming, kind, and respectful for all students.
  • Understanding that language and culture are intertwined. When you interact with a person who speaks another language, you are also interacting with their culture.
  • Being kind to others.

Presentations to Students Involve:

  • Helping students be aware of their own culture.
  • Not judging someone before taking time to learn something about them.
  • Helping students understand what they can do to be leaders in their community.
  • Understanding that we are all a part of the human race.
  • Recognize how to include others and avoid bullying.
  • Giraffe Club Materials

About Our Team

The Culture, Diversity, and Parent Outreach Team works to provide teachers and students with strategies and conversations on equity, what it means to have an inclusive environment, how to have cultural competence in our schools and classrooms, while encouraging family and community engagement.

Culture, Diversity, and Parent Outreach Consultations

  • Support for critical conversations (You are planning on a lesson that you anticipate will include critical conversations)
  • Training on critical conversation facilitation
  • Have culture and diversity team come teach a lesson
  • Small group pull out (no more than 10)

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More info coming soon.